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Gathering Forest and Community workshop featured on RÚV

Watch the video here

Beetle Kill and Aspen Die-Off is featured in the March issue of CODAmagazine highlighting Art for Social Change.

Efferention, the publication and mobile exhibition designed by students at the State University of New York at Fredonia, wins Gold at the Buffalo Addy Awards.

Maribel Avila, Alison Dyer, Kaylee Forger, Lisa Hinterberger, Athena Kolokotronis, Annie Leue, Jon McCray, and Jessica Wilcox researched, wrote, and designed the document with Christina Schultz and Barbara Sum assisting with the initial research and design. It looks at the pressures on the ecology and resources of Utah and grew out of the initial finding of the Beetle Kill and Aspen Die-off expedition.

The publication takes the format of a tabloid newspaper but, when two are unfolded and affixed to a wall according to the included diagram, it becomes a mobile exhibition. To read Efferention, please follow this link to the document.


Carmel McNamara of Frame Magazine highlightes the Explore. Reflect. Respond. workshop in her dispatch from Design March 2015.

Icelandic Design Centre covers the Explore. Reflect. Respond. workshop in its blog.

 The Icelandic Design Center blog profiles the Explore. Reflect. Respond. exhibition.

Designers and Forests is featured in Disegno Magazine No. 6.

 Disegno Daily publishes an in-depth profile of Designers & Forests.

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