Daniel Byström's designs Trio, Hollow, and Blue.

Trio Stool

Daniel Byström’s TRIO stool is inspired by the heritage of Utah, which is historically connected to Scandinavia through many of the immigrants who settled in the region in the nineteenth century. TRIO draws from a simple, yet sophisticated, and sustainable form of craftsmanship. The legs are tapered and octagon shaped. They are fitted with the seat using a traditional technique of wedged joints, which are very strong and durable and requires no additional fasteners or adhesives meaning that TRIO is truly a forest product.

The “three-legged stool” is commonly used as a model to explain sustainability. Sustainability centers on a balance between the three legs – society, economy and environment. TRIO aims to remind us about the intersection of people, planet and profit while also being an attractive, useful, and well-made piece of furniture.

Download the plans here: TRIO_STOOL.

If you make a trio stool, we ask you to send us a picture and, if on Instagram, upload your image with the #designersandforests.


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